East Coast Trip, Fall 2011

We booked our fall trip six months ago, and had no idea that our two-week vacation would include a job interview in NC and several trips to hospitals and nursing homes for two of my grandparents. Stressful is not the word….

I did manage to fit in a little bit of shooting. I’ll be damned if the $25 bag fee they forced me into paying at the security gate will go to waste. In NY, there’s a fantastic arboretum just down the street from the in-laws house.

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Bayard Cutting Arboretum 90211 © Michael Klayman-002

A rare 30-second self portrait:

Bayard Cutting Arboretum 90211 © Michael Klayman-004


In Northport, Long Island, I took the sunset colors to an extreme. This is actually not too far off from the coloration of the RAW files out of the camera. 10-stop ND filters tend to pass just a little more red than other colors. Over the 30 second exposures, that small color cast adds up.

Northport Long Island 90311 © Michael Klayman-002

Northport Long Island 90311 © Michael Klayman-003

It’s a constant balancing act to find the right shutter speed that provides sufficient exposure and blur to the water, but holds sharpness in the vessels, which are bobbing up and down in the water.

Northport Long Island 90311 © Michael Klayman-005


Cleveland was more depressing than normal, so I barely brought out the camera, except to shoot my friend Xela at a coffee shop gig.

Xela at Phoenix Coffee 91011 © Michael Klayman-007

We came back to a puny harvest and some dead plants.

Tomato Harvest 91311 © Michael Klayman-001

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